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Resource Representative or Resource Manager

A certification in this field is invaluable.  Commercial cannabis is a multi-billion dollars industry.   Your certification may get you recognized and on your way to a six figure plus income.


Quality Control Technician or Cannabis Processor

These certifications will put you where everyone wants to be.  Surround yourself with premium products and start building relationships with growers, manufactures and retail stores.  It has been predicted that quality control technicians and cannabis processors will have a greater advantage to become a certified cannabis broker.


Certified Cannabis Broker

Become a power broker in the cannabis industry.  Certified cannabis brokers work with master growers, distribution companies and retail outlets. Millions of dollars are attributed to the workings of the certified cannabis broker.

Cannabis Guild Of America Job Certifications

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Trap Housing

I want to say thanks to the Cannabis Guild Of America, without their support, financing and encouragement I would not have reached my full potential. I started in a trap house and now I'm legit with money to burn.



Arrested and Probation

I was headed down the wrong road and a friend of mine told me to check out the Cannabis Guild Of America.  It was the best advice ever. I started as a patient and now I'm the President of my own Local Chapter For Cannabis Cultivation. Good Lookin.



Marijuana Millionaire Coming Soon

I have been a corporate attorney for the last 9 years.  I've managed to provide a comfortable life for my three children and myself.  Being a single mom is tough, but my biggest concern was my retirement savings.  As much as I tried I could never increase my savings.  When my co-worker Linda told me about her membership in the Cannabis Guild Of America, I assumed I needed to be a cannabis user to participate in the industry.  Much to my surprise very few of the individuals I met used cannabis at all.  I'm so happy she invited me to a seminar about becoming a certified cannabis broker.  I've made over $96.000.00 within an eight month period.  I'm Ashley G. from Detroit, MI and I'm a guild member for life.

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Commercial Cannabis Licenses

Cannabis Distribution/Transport License


It's legal in the State of California and other states. No more excuses. The time to act is NOW.  Become a member today.

Retail Cannabis Store


Join now and ring up sales. Apply for your dispensary license. Businesses in operation under the Compassionate Use Act prior to September 1, 2016, will receive priority application review. 

Manufacturing License


Manufacturing licenses for shatter, premium distillate for pens and moon rocks.  Join now and get started in a real money making business.

Commercial Cannabis Licenses/Other

Cannabis Licensing


Micro Business License

A micro business license allows a licensee to engage in cultivation (in an area less than 10,000 square feet), manufacturing (Level 1 manufacturing, Type 6), distribution, and retail sale, or any combination of the four activities. Licensees will be required to comply with all rules and regulations, which will include, where applicable, regulations adopted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health, governing the activities they will be engaged in.



Distributor licensees are responsible for transporting cannabis goods, arranging for testing of cannabis goods, and conducting quality assurance review of cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all the packaging and labeling requirements. Distributor transport licenses allow for the transport of cannabis goods between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. A distributor transport licensee may not transport cannabis goods to a licensed retailer and may not engage in any other distributor activities.



A Retailer (storefront) sells cannabis goods to customers at its premises or by delivery. A retailer must have a licensed physical location (premises) where commercial cannabis cultivation and  activities are conducted.

A retailer (nonstorefront) licensee must have a licensed premises,  it is a members only organization  and it is not open to the public.

Cannabis Jobs & Contracts

Shows & Events


Cannabis events can only be held by a person who has been issued a cannabis event organizer license by the Bureau. The cannabis event organizer is not authorized to cultivate, distribute, manufacture, or sell cannabis or cannabis products unless the organizer also holds a separate license to engage in such commercial cannabis activities.

Testing Laboratory

Cannabis Cultivation

A testing laboratory, facility, or entity in the state that offers or performs tests of cannabis goods. Testing laboratories must obtain and maintain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Testing laboratories may be issued a provisional license allowing them to operate while they obtain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, provided they meet all other licensure requirements.

Manufacturing License


Applications for annual licenses will be accepted through an online licensing system - the Manufactured Cannabis Licensing System (MCLS). This application will require information on the business, owners and financial interest holders, and operating premises, as well as descriptions of procedures for waste disposal, inventory and quality control, transportation and security. 

Cannabis Cultivation

Specialty and Medium Licenses Outdoor, Indoor and Mixed Use


From 25 mature plants to 43,560 sqft of total canopy area.



Cultivation of cannabis solely as cloning and seed propagation.



Hand processed or the use of technology  for cannabis growers or manufactures.

Type Of Cultivation Licenses Available

Cultivation Licensing Information

Specialty Cottage Outdoor  -  up to 25 mature plants

Specialty Cottage Indoor  -  Indoor cultivation site with up to 500 soft of space.

Specialty Cottage Mixed -  mixed-light deprivation site with up to 2500 soft of space.

Specialty Outdoor -  up to 5,000 soft or 50 mature plants.

Specialty Indoor -  from 501 to 5,000 sqft of space.

Specialty Mixed Light -  between 2501 to 5,000 soft of space.

Small Outdoor -  between 5,001 to 10,000 soft of space.

Small Indoor -  between 5,001 to 10,000 soft of space.

Medium Outdoor - may grow  up to 43, 560 sqft.

Nursery -  typical activities are cloning and seed propagation.

Processor -  conducts  trimming, drying, curing, grading, or packaging.


Cannabis Cultivation In Essex
Cannabis Cultivation In Essex