Become A Resource Representative In Your Area And Start Earning Cash Today

Benefits Of Membership


Retirement & Health

The Cannabis Guild Of America Fund may provide or assist with cannabis cultivation, cannabis products or your cannabis membership in Essex. If you need assistance or help with increasing income for retirement, medical, hospital, dental, prescription, vision, wellness and life insurance call a resource representative in your area and look into the benefits of membership.


Income Opportunities & Jobs

*Resource Representative            $22,000 - $48,000

*Resource Manager                       $49,000 - $75,000

*Quality Control Tech                    $18,000 - $41,000

*Director Of Local Chapter           $51,000 - $80,000

Positions Available Vary By State

All position include *Cannabis Smoke Breaks Plus Bonuses & Gifts

*Cannabis Smoke breaks may not be available in your state.


In House Discounted Financing

Looking to own a cannabis business or operate a non profit organization. The Cannabis Guild Of America offers start up capital and financing to members for cultivation, distribution, transporting, retailer, delivery, manufacturing or edibles, cloning or processing.

From Membership To Licensing

And More benefits

Land To Cultivate


Are companies and landlords charging too much money because you want to grow cannabis?  The Cannabis Guild Of America has set aside hundreds of acres for members.  Don't wait and see, start today  

Need a Place To Stay


Your landlord or apartment manager says no smoking,  forcing you to drive or walk somewhere away from home. The Cannabis Guild Of America says no more!  The Cannabis Guild Of America can assist you with obtaining a new residence, where you can be more comfortable at home.,



Are you being charged $10.00 a gram and up for top shelf.  Cannabis Guild Of America members are provided cannabis at cost. Typically, top shelf is around $3.00 to $4.00 a gram sometimes less for members.


Cannabis Shatter Gold Rush

Get in the fastest growing wealth of opportunities in the world.


The Cannabis Guild Of America welcomes all qualified members. All members must be a patient,  primary care giver, or both   Cannabis Practitioners must be certified to becomes eligible for the Cannabis Guild Of America (C.G.O.A.) .

Membership is allowed under one of the following three conditions: 

1. Proof of state cannabis registration.

2. Doctor's recommendation  

3. Certification  in the cannabis by C.G.O.A.


Here's what you need to qualify: 

Proof of compliance 
CGOA membership is available to qualified members.  

Cannabis practitioners may obtain CGOA certification, and work in the cannabis field  either as an employee or contractor.

Each applicant is vetted for legitimacy. That means your proof  will be fully investigated by CGOA for validity. Your application for certification will be denied if you have falsified your credentials, or if your qualifying employment is not bona fide.

While it is your responsibility to ascertain the validity of your qualifying employment, the cooperative, collective or other qualifying entity may be called to validate any references.  C.G.O.A. will be the sole arbiter in determining whether the employer was legitimate or bogus, and whether the qualifying employment which you performed was actual production work or work created solely to enable you to gain C.G.O.A. membership. Please be aware that false representation or deception on your part will jeopardize your chances to join the Cannabis Guild Of America.

Moreover, if after your application has been granted the C.G.O.A. discovers such misconduct on your part, you may find yourself subject to disciplinary proceedings, which could result in your being fined, suspended and/or expelled from the C.G.O.A. 

Appointments for Certification

Submitting Proof of C.G.O.A. Eligibility 
You may contact us about your eligibility status. If your file is not on record or incomplete, you may submit one of the following documents as proof of eligibility:

  • Original doctor's recommendation.
  • Original activity statement or reports from the cannabis company that states your name, the name of the master grower, the type of bud produced, the certificate of completion, if you were a trainee, and the specific date(s) worked. The cannabis company must submit this document directly to the C.G.O.A.Membership Services Department.

Professionals or cannabis enthusiasts may vouch for your duties or contributions.

Please email your document to:

Membership Services Department

Thank you for your interest in joining the Cannabis Guild Of America.

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Do I need to live in California to become a member?


A.  No. Membership is available to anyone in the world.

Q. Can I learn to cultivate cannabis?


A.  Yes. Membership allows you access to master growers and certified professionals.

Q. Are distribution licenses available?


A.  Yes. 

Q. Is financing available even if I have no job?


A.  Yes, up to 90% financing is available for guild members.

Do I need good credit in order to qualify?


A.. No.  Your credit history is of no concern.  

Q. What if I had legal problems in my past?


No problem!  The Cannabis Guild Of America will put you on the right side of the law.