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You may log into your account at to view the details of this transaction.  The Cannabis Guild of America has three basic memberships.  The patient, primary caregiver and the local chapter membership. Let's review each membership and their benefits.

The first tier membership is the patient. By joining as a patient you are eligible to join a number of collectives or cooperatives.  Once you are accepted into the guild and assigned into a cannabis entity you are eligible for immediate discounts.

Members are entitled  to top shelf cannabis products made by associated members, at below market prices. Cannabis concentrates are included as well as  cannabis vape pens. 

Patients may allow their primary caregiver or their cannabis entity to cultivate cannabis on their behave.  Patients expense  will be at the cost to produce.  

Primary caregivers have all the benefits of their patients* and they may  cultivate for  up to five patients at any one time.  

Patients and primary caregivers may obtained certifications  from the Cannabis Guild of America.  Certifications may be used in the cannabis industry and for jobs with the guild. Classes are taught by leading experts in their field and master growers.

Masters growers have been known to produce as much as six pounds per plant.  Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors the guild can make your dreams come true.

The last step on the basic membership list is the Local Chapter Membership hereafter referred to as L.C.M.  An L.C.M. may cultivate for a large number of patients and primary caregivers. 

The ability to cultivate more cannabis is  proportionally tied to the number of members in the chapter.  For example whereas a patient is qualified to cultivate twelve cannabis plants a local chapter with one hundred members may cultivate up to one thousand two hundred plants.

Once the L.C.M. is formally organized into an entity recognized by the guild, they may cultivate on up to four acres.

The Cannabis Guild Of America was formed to assist collectives, cooperatives and local chapter organizations with licensing and financing through membership based subscriptions. 

This is accomplished by collectively and cooperatively sharing the cost and labor of producing cannabis and cannabis related products.

Congratulations on your choice to all the benefits you are about to receive. 

Start learning about your new opportunities now. Please review the videos below.

*Patients and primary caregivers who use cannabis have recommendations to use.


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